Gia Consulting is a firm specializing in the pension and insurance actuarial business.

We specialize in advanced actuary services to go beyond customer’s expectations.

Company Overview

Company NameGIA Consulting for Insurance Actuary Services Co. Ltd.
Date of establishmentJuly 1, 2002
BusinessIT Consulting, Solution, SI, Outsourcing, IT Convergence, Actuarial service, Retirement pensions service

1306Ho, 27, Digital-ro 34 gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea(08378)

Tel+82-2-325-7921, +82-2-6371-6170

Core values

About the C. I.


Signification of C.I

Based on adherence to principles and trust, we lead the future of the pension and insurance actuary systems. 

The blue represents our image of building trust with our clients, while the orange stands for our creativity and willingness to lead trends, and the black represents psychological comfort, a sense of protection and mystery. The color combination gives a feeling of stability, while also ensuring high visibility.

 Color system

Along with the symbol mark, the color system is an important element that forms the identity of Gia Consulting Co. Ltd. Applied to various visual media, the system delivers the image of Gia Consulting Co. Ltd.


CMYK : 96/84/20/7
RGB : 11/24/103
Web Colors : 0B1867


CMYK : 2/60/91/0

RGB : 255/102/0

Web Colors : FF6600


CMYK : 55/44/47/84

RGB : 14/14/13

Web Colors : 0E0E0D