Affiliated research centers

The affiliated research centers of Gia Consulting are leading the
financial services market with development of new solutions and R&D work. 

Center nameGIA Consulting Affiliated research centers
The head officeYang Gil Su
Date of establishmentJune 30, 2011
Key tasksDevelopment of financial solutions, development of modules, research, drafting of educational materials, drafting of promotional materials, related services.

Major Business

Solution Development

  • Various ALM System
  • Integrated asset management (WW) system

Module Development

  • Scenarios Generator
  • Optimal Asset Optimizer
  • Product Design Module

Research and government-funded research 

  • Research on the latest study models.
  • Feasibility studies
  • Government-funded research projects

Educational and promotional materials 

  • Drafting of manuals and theses
  • Drafting of internal and external promotional materials