Work scope 

  • Adequacy Verification of reserves and contingency reserves
  • Adequacy Verification of the allocation and processing of surplus and the insurance contractor’s dividends
  • Adequacy Evaluation of guaranteed reserves, Reserve for outstanding claims and future loss adjustment expenses which are reserves for evaluation
  • Verification of whether the insurance risk amount and interest rates risk amount meet RBC(Risk-Based Capital)
  • Review of verification opinions by the lead actuary 

 Execution method 

  • Full inspection using the verification system for reserves and sample contracts
  • For interest sensitive product, the deposit and withdrawal details and Interest Rate Disclosure information are used to support a system that verifies premium reserves of all cases.
  • After verification of reserves based on the cash flow method, a full inspection is carried out for products that are out of the margin of error.
  • Verification of detailed items to check whether overall assumptions and the assessment of reserves are calculated according to regulations.
  • Provide work manuals for internal control and work practice. Assign expert personnel with rich experience in verifying reserves.