Actuarial Software(KAS)

Korean first innovative actuarial services software KAS 

KAS is an actuarial software developed by GIA Consulting to resolve the issues that previous actuarial software have.

 Unique strengths of KAS 

Text recognition for the calculation method for insurance premium and reserves

Function to enter quantitative formulas for modeling scalability

Detailed items to simplify modeling

Maximized improvement of large-scale data processing speed

Complete customer support

 Features of the KAS 

 Use of the KAS 

Product pricing 

Verification of lead actuaries 

Calculation of insurance premium for revised or renewed products  

Cash flow liability evaluation

Determination of LAT

Determination of best assumptions

 KAS system allows for complete customer support 


Sustained and prompt support 

 Other features of KAS 

Speed and function 

  • Cash flow is calculated with entry of numbers and formulas and without complex coding, saving time. 
  •  Product features are realized by combining unit items of the cash flow to reduce modeling time 

User environment and convenience 

  • Reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel (Complete compatibility without adding features to KAS) 

Flexibility of the logic 

  • User can define the variable or function needed, improving convenience.
  •  User variable and function can be defined. 

Data Interface. User-oriented data interface 

  • Data interface function through Microsoft Excel
  •  A flexible interface function for large data such as contract information. 

Ease of use and operation 

  • The actuarial software is in multilingual and is easy to use by referring to the Help button or manual. 

System design 

  • Excellent visuals that are easy to grasp at a glance.
  •  The built-in navigation function ensures a smooth workflow.


  • The table structure is coded, so that users can easily add codes when products are added.